About the Company

About Us

We are a family company established in 1994. The main activity of the company is the construction of sites from the energy infrastructure. Over the years in order the company to fulfill its projects fast and independently, the same has started to carry out new activities – production of metal products used in different fields of application and trading with electrical materials and electrical equipment. BELVI is certified under the international standards for quality of the work in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, for environment protection in compliance with ISO 14001:2015, for health and safety at work in compliance with BS OHSAS 18001:2007. The company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and the Branch Chamber of Power Engineers, as well as the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The company has a modern base consisting of a production hall equipped with machines for processing sheet and profile steel, outdoor and indoor warehouse areas, an auto repair shop, administrative office building with a room for trainings and meetings. The base is built in compliance with all standards and requirements regarding the quality of work and the working conditions. In view of the independent and quality performance of the projects, the company owes its own construction machines, transport means, specialized machines, modern light mechanization and all-terrain machines which give the opportunity for work on hard-to-reach terrains.


Our successful development is based on clear purposes which we always try to achieve:

  • improvement of the activities through betterment of the technologies and closing the cycle through the preparation of an engineering scheme;
  • using of energy-saving and limiting the waste machines and technologies for reaching competitive and environmentally friendly effect;
  • continuous desire for increasing the market share, introduction of new methods of research, analysis and assessment;
  • conducting of systematic training of the staff with the purpose the qualification of the same to be increased, as well as its motivation for participation in the performed work, and protection of their health and safety with the purpose better results to be achieved.