BELVI has a production base in the village of Zelen dol, municipality of Blagoevgrad. The factory for processing products and details of sheet and profile steel is equipped with the most modern, specialized metal processing machines. In order maximum productivity to be ensured, the machines work in the necessary technological sequence in compliance with all requirements concerning the quality of work according to ISO 9001:2015, the regulations on health and safety at work, as well as the regulations on environment protection according to ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

BELVI produces different details used in the construction of electrical facilities
  • steel tubular poles for street and park lighting
  • trench-periscopes
  • steel constructions
  • metal barriers
  • concrete covers and metal frames for shafts
  • boards, etc.

The private production contributes to the fast and independent performance of the construction and installation works, as this allows the closing of the working cycle and the formation of a complete engineering scheme of the organization. In this way it becomes possible the fulfillment of individual projects with different difficulty which are developed together with the client according to his necessities and desires.


Maximum cutting thickness: 10 mm
Maximum cutting length: 3050 mm

Effort: 1200 Kn
Length of bending: 3110 mm

Working area: 2500 х 1250 mm
Maximum thickness of the sheet: 6,4 mm
Maximum punching force: 165 kN
Maximum number of strokes when punching: 600/minute
Instruments, linear shop: 18 instruments

Area: 600 mm
Punching stroke: 66 mm
Maximum punching force: 60 kN
Maximum thickness of the sheet: 3 mm

Working area: 4200 х 1600 mm
Number of axes in interpolation: 5 axes
Maximum cutting thickness: 19 mm
Maximum power of the welder: 400 А



Cutting of different types of profiles with maximum cutting size: 300 mm
Cutting angles: 90⁰, 45⁰, 30⁰
Cutting speed: 80 m/minute

Processing of details with length: 1000 mm
Processing of details with diameter: 200 mm

Processing of details with sizes: 600 х 200 mm
Processing of details with maximum weight: 150 kg

Maximum diameter of drilling: 32 mm

Maximum diameter of drilling: 20 mm

Bending of busbars with maximum sizes: 120 х 12 mm
Drilling of busbars with maximum diameter: 21,5 mm
Cutting of busbars with maximum sizes: 125 х 12 mm



Coating and baking of details with maximum sizes: H = 2000 mm, W = 800 mm,
L = 4000 mm

Depending on the requirements of the client regarding the coating of the details, they can be hot or cold galvanized.